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We are Experiment 626
I am called Stitch. I was Jumba's experiment 626. I live in Hawai'i with my Ohana. They love me, and I loves them. Life is good for us now. No more detruction, just much love.

Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind.
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Sep. 26th, 2005 @ 03:12 pm The State of Graceland - Stitch
Evil Level: rejuvenatedrejuvenated
Stitch Experiment 626
Lilo & Stitch
Word Count – Barely enough – but the postcard should make up for it. ;)
Rating - G

We waited many, many minutes to let the Lord that is Elvis touch us on the steps of his grand cathedral. The Lilo was even holding still, so wees did the same thing. Tears were sneaking out of the Lilo’s eyes, and me now know that they were tears of happy. They were not the tears of sadness, like when the Galactic Police was taking the Stitch away or when the Stitch had his glitch. Now me knew they was tears of much happiness, for we had come to the high holy place - the Graceland.

The Nani and the David, walked behind us, telling mees not to touch things. I was very good, but it was very hard. When the Lilo and Stitch found the soft fluffy red sofa, with the big furry pillows, me just had to make music for the King was there. I could feel him everywhere arounds us. The Lilo said it was awe inspiring. She was so right.

My heart gently weeped as I played Hound Dog for my Ohana and the other worshippers at the great shrine that is Graceland. They even made a special postcard for me, that I now sends to you my new friends.

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Sep. 5th, 2005 @ 09:03 pm Deviant Muses - Last Hour on Earth
Stitch Experiment 626
Lilo & Stitch
Word Count: 251
Rating: G

If it were Stitch’s last hour on earth, we would try very hard to find a way to save our ohana, and the people who are important to us. But that is only if the Lilo was safe. If she was gone, I would let myself die with this small blue planet made mostly of water.

I would race around the island gathering as many of the pretty flowers that I could, as well as the birds, and Pudge the Fish. Pudge the Fish is very important to the environment, and with his weather control powers, he would be useful at whatever planet I took the Lilo, the Nani, and the David to. The Lilo will be crying because the Elvis’ home is gone, but I will have taken all of her vinyl discs here on the ship where they will be safe.

We would leave the Myrtle behind to die a fiery death, but Stitch would not laugh as she died unless no one was watching.

With Pudge in a tank, and the ohana strapped in for safety, I would take Pleaky and Jumba’s ship off planet. Yes, Stitch was exiled to Earth, but if Earth is gone, Stitch is not breaking the law by leaving. The Galactic Federation cannot be angry at Stitch if he left a jail that is no more.

Stitch will miss the small blue ball that was his home, but as long as my ohana is with me anywhere the ship lands will be home.
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Aug. 13th, 2005 @ 12:36 pm Deviant Muses - Getting Away with Murder
Evil Level: contemplativecontemplative
Stitch Experiment 626
Lilo & Stitch
Word Count 288

The Lilo has taught us that killing is bad, but if this one could kill and get away with it, we would kill Myrtle. Myrtle is very mean to my Lilo. She teases her, and treats her badly. This human girl is very strange looking with her pale skin and bright orange hair. She also wears lenses over her eyes to focus her anger and spite on the Lilo. We do not like her at all. When we stole her vehicle to explore Kauai, we knocked Myrtle on her butt. Now many times later, we know that breaking her skull like an over ripe papaya would have been more than she deserves. She is an evil creature.

Perhaps we should capture her, and let the Lilo teach her about Ohana too? This might help. She is as defenseless as all humans are, and would be easily taken. We could shove her into a large pillowcase (the fabric covering of the pillows in the bed that keep the drooling off of the pillows, or that is what the Nani told me they are for). The Lilo says they are for gathering the candy at the Halloween. I would shove Myrtle into the pillow case, and drag her back to our house. Then I would tie her up, feed her much coffee, and show her the Ugly Duckling so she understood what it is like to be alone.

When this did not work, we would just bite her head off, and feed her remains to our friend the shark. The Lilo would never again have to be hurt by the Myrtle. I think this would be good, but murder is bad.

Sometimes the rules of humans makes my brain hurt…
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Aug. 12th, 2005 @ 10:39 pm About the Lilo
Evil Level: lovedloved
Before coming to the place called Earth, we had never loved anyone. Jumba did not make it part of our programming. We were meant to destroy, to kill and terrorize any and all in our path. When I escaped from that idiot Gantu, how he expected to contain us since we are smarter than a super computer and indestructible we do not know, we wanted to turn the small red ship around and fire at the fleet. To kill all those who would dare to try to contain us in all of our evil glory, but when the ship spun out of control and we found ourselves on Earth, in the place called Hawai’i. This we were unprepared for.

This island was filled with many, many things, but surrounded by the hated water. There were many tasty things that filled our belly, but nothing could fill the need for rage and destruction that burned in our gut like a pool of simmering plasma from a reactor core breach. The small one who “bought” us from the Humane Society seemed to want us to follow her around, and learn to behave. We did not want to behave, but as time went on, we grew to trust this small alien girl who was filled with something we had no name for.

But the Lilo taught us. She taught us that we were lonely. She taught us that we did not belong in this world, and that destroying was bad. She also taught us that coffee was good, and so was shaved ice and Elvis. We were becoming part of what is called Ohana, which means family. We did not know what this family thing was, but learned since we are brilliant as our evil genius creator.

Then Gantu came. He threatened to hurt the Lilo. The Lilo was mine. She was not to be harmed. She is never to be harmed. We would destroy all life on this small blue planet to protect the Lilo. She is our family. She loves us. She gave us her heart, and taught our heart how to beat. She filled the hole in our belly with sweetness and love instead of rage and violence. We would kill for the Lilo.

We loves her….
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he's good
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